Welcome to Tver Energy

Our world is becoming more and more complex and we need to reduce our use of fossil fuels and as such, reduce our impact on the planet.  TVER Energy with their technology agnostic approach, has the answers to help you create a cohesive Energy plan custom formulated for your specific and unique set of circumstances and goals.


  • Energy Consulting and Management services
  • Energy Procurement Services
  • Energy Assessment and Audit of mechanical, electrical, lighting, water conservation, and building envelope including windows, doors, insulation and roofing.
  • Project Engineering Feasibility & Economic Analysis Studies which includes Energy savings calculations, measurement and verification, modeling and forecasting
  • Energy Solution Engineering Design (both Conceptual and Detail), Development, Procurement and Implementation
  • Environmental Engineering & Permitting
  • Provide Project Funding & Financing Options including Leasing
  • Long-term Operations & Maintenance Services
  • Green Tag (Renewable Energy Credit, Carbon Dioxide Credits, Emission Reduction Credits)
  • Co-Generation Solutions

TVER Value Proposition

  • Our expertise and proven methodology for assessing your energy needs which leads to optimum procurement and use of energy in the most cost effective way.
  • Our technology agnostic approach to your energy needs ensures that we look at your site as being unique. With no specific products to sell we are free to assess your actual needs.
  • Our relationships with major partners which allows us to provide the best solutions to any and all energy questions.
  • Our technical resources allow us the means of solving any energy problem.
  • Our approach of working with you to help you accomplish your unique goals, combining cost savings, enhanced “livability,” reduced energy dependence, carbon & pollution reduction and more.
  • Our desire to work with your organization on an ongoing basis to provide current and future evaluation of your energy plan.
  • Our keeping current with technology and methodology advancements insures that the best solutions are always used, keeping you on the leading edge.
  • Our impeccable customer service and a customer engagement that is open, transparent and operates at the highest level of integrity.